Privacy Surgeon images

A gallery of privacy & surveillance virals you can use for campaigns, presentations etc. Credits, sources and Creative Commons licence details at bottom of page. Image gallery will be continually expanded.

Bogart casablanca


The food chain

How the NSA sees the world

Fight for your privacy


Your privacy fades away

national security and the three stooges

Wizard of Oz oversight 2


Your value to the world

Medical data extraction final

The surveillance mind


How to resolve surveillance problems

Four uncomfortable realities

Safe Harbour psycho


FOI privacy rationale

cute kitten

GCHQ Twitter


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Credits and images sources


1. Humphrey Bogart

2. Advertising food chain

3. How the NSA sees the world

4. The privacy spectrum

6. Three stooges

7. Wizard of Oz

9. Medical data extraction

11 How to resolve spying

13 Bates Motel

14 Sir Humphrey

15 Cute Kitten